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Transport for the nautical sector and yachts

Trasporto di yacht e barche in qualsiasi parte del mondo

Deliveries, exhibitions, trips, races, regattas… whatever the reason you have googled up “Yacht transport” or“How to transport a boat” anywhere in the world, we at WeDo never say no to handling and logistics for the nautical sector and yachts.

Transport of yachts and boats to anywhere for the most varied reasons (deliveries to shipowners, exhibitions in boat shows, travel and exploration of new seas, regattas or powerboating competitions)?

Fast, effective logistics solutions and very simple procedures.

Highly specialized teams who work with dedication and attention?

Technical skills and knowledge of the markets?

Possibility of avoiding long ocean crossings with the relative consequences (high costs, stress for the crew, deterioration of the boat and risks associated with navigation)?

Yes, We Do!



By joining and participating in various international logistics networks we are able to offer a real “global” service.

We work only with professionals to guarantee you an impeccable and punctual service, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, reaching every part of the world.

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Trasporto di yacht e barche in qualsiasi parte del mondo

Transport for the nautical sector and yachts

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