WeDo Service


Yours insurance “door to door” in collaboration with Zurich… to make you sleep soundly.

We always safeguard and transport your goods with extreme care, and we are fully aware of the value they hold. But if you want even more security… all you have to do is ask.

What We Do?

  • Insurance offers at very competitive rates
  • Full coverage of the risks associated with the forwarding of your shipments on a basis door to door
  • For all destinations in the world except for those countries where wars, popular uprisings or serious economic and financial crises do not allow it
  • Advice on the best risk mitigation strategies



By joining and participating in various international logistics networks we are able to offer a real “global” service.

We work only with professionals to guarantee you an impeccable and punctual service, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, reaching every part of the world.

Trasporto per settore moda

Transport and logistics for the fashion sector

Trasporto prodotti high tech

Shipping of technological and electronic products

logistica per il settore dell’automotive

Transport of cars and automotive components

Trasporto di yacht e barche in qualsiasi parte del mondo

Transport for the nautical sector and yachts

Transport of food

trasporto di macchinari industriali e agricoli

Transport of industrial and agricultural machinery

Shipping furniture and furnishing accessories

Shipping of dangerous goods, fireworks and chemical products

Trasporto strumenti musicali

Transport of musical instruments and equipment

Trasporto e la logistica di scenografie, costumi, attrezzature, materiali, oggetti di scena

Transport and logistic for film productions

Trasporto per concerti e spettacoli dal vivo

Transport and logistics for live concerts and shows

Trasporto e logistica per spettacoli e reality

Transport and logistics for theatre and reality shows

Logistics for the aerospace industry